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At Airport Wireless customer service is our business.  We owe our success to our dedicated staff.
Below you will find a sampling of the many wonderful customer testimonial letters that we receive about our employees.


Your kind help this afternoon was most appreciated, the wireless earphones are awesome! Can't wait to try the Bluetooth connection at home too.

My name is Michael too, but most people call me Mike.

I head back to Boston on Friday eve, I'll stop by to say hello if you're there, although I'm sure you'd rather be elsewhere on a Friday night.


Sent from my iPod

To whom it may concern:

I wish to take this opportunity to bring to your attention my experience of outstanding customer service delivered by Katherine Bratton at Techshowcase, Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

I visited the store with an interest in canalphones. Katherine was very informative, friendly and helpful, offering the opportunity to audition and try the various products available. Her no pressure approach to help me find the right product for me was much appreciated.

I hope she is recognised as an outstanding member of the Techshowcase team.


Conseillers Technique / Technical Advisor (Australia)
Association mondaile de la Route / World Road Association


Dear Mr. Aleno

In today's competitive market customer service has proven to be the main reason of customer retention, so attracting professionals with strong customer focus is essential.

This is very true in case of Ms. Dina (Store Manager) and the team members under her direction; Carmen and Duane, in your store located in terminal B of Boston Logan Airport. It is obvious that her enthusiasm and customer service has been duplicated by her direct reports.

I travel extensively and normally go through minimum of 8 airports a week. Every airport has a wireless store of certain chain. However, because of these individuals I have been your customer for last three years exclusively. Their customer focus and willingness to listen and offer solutions has always been extremely impressive. They are always able to answer all my questions, and recommend very sound solutions, and it is a joy to work with them. They have been so outstanding compared to a lot of other stores that I decided to ask for their names and inform you.


Homayoun Sarabi
Sarabi Enterprises INT'L

Hello - I just wanted you to know that I received exceptional service today from Dina. She is really knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help clients. I spent a couple hundred $ as a result of her sales and service ability.

Please make sure she is properly recognized.


E. B.

Dear Ms. Meyer,

I am writing to compliment your representative "Hernando" who kindly helped me at Hartsfield Airport.

I have a Palm Centro phone from Verizon which no longer has support for Palm products.

While traveling, I made a point to visit your store to seek help. Prior to this visit, I had sought help from in store representatives at Verizon, who sent me to Sprint whom I visited, who sent me to Radio Shack, Office Depot, and finally AT & T.

Hernando did what no one else had attempted when I told him the problem I have with a damaged USB/Sync cable for the Palm Centro. He asked if he could see it, and try to repair it! I was stunned; no one else had even made the smallest effort to assist me in all of the other locations! The problem with a smashed sync cable is that I was unable to sync my phone, a huge problem for my contacts and calendar!

But, Hernando knew exactly what to do to reshape the cable so that I could again make use of it.

I am extremely grateful to Hernando for his knowledge and compassion.

Please award him for his excellence and knowledge!

Thank you again,

Julie Abston

To: Donna Bailey
Subject: Thank you.....

.......for your excellent and friendly service several weeks ago. Much appreciated

RJ Macchia, MD
Brooklyn, NY

I was at your store in the Philadelphia airport on Th, Sept 19, to get a new charger for my Samsung phone. Gee-lo was the most incredibly helpful person. He worked really patiently to fix the little prongs on my phone that had been bent out of shape and he made it work!!!!
He is an outstanding employee!!!


Philadelphia, PA


I am completely impressed with your customer service! Yesterday when I stopped by I was even surprised that you remembered me let alone send me this email. The fact is when I stopped by yesterday I had in mind to return my headphones. The reason I did not was because of you.

Milton you are a man of your word and there are not many around like you anymore!

In my opinion you are one of the very few I have met that personify what customer service is all about.

I look forward to hearing from you again. I wish I could tell your Boss how impressed I am with you!!

Director, Marketing and Sales

Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx

New Holland, PA

Hello - I wanted you to know that I received exceptional service today from Dina. She is really knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help clients. I spent a couple hundred $ as a result of here sales and service ability. Please make sure she is properly recognized.


President, Xxxxxxxxx Investment Services, Inc.

Boston, MA

Hi there,

Once again I was treated wonderfully by Robert John, at your Dallas airport store. He waited on me last year when I purchased a speaker set up. Anyway he is wonderful. I was able to get what I needed with his expertise. He helped me get the ear phones for my grandchildren as well, to be safe for their ears! (I didn't know anything about this) I was there on last Thursday the 20th of August. Anyway he is to be commended!

Thanks again,

Dallas, TX

Brittany at the Detroit Airport is great. Last Thursday, I was having phone problems. She solved them; was very professional; and friendly. A credit to your organization.



I would like you to know about the great help & service I received at your Pittsburgh location. Tiffany was very helpful and went above the call of duty to help me with my Blackberry.

Thanks again.

Memphis, TN

I just want you to know how helpful, knowledgeable and friendly your employees are at the Newark Airport. Specifically, Gerry Garcia and Zuly Molina.
I purchased several hundred dollars worth of items, in large measure, due to them.
You are a lucky employer.

On December 28, 2008 Robert John and Joshua Weber of your DFW location assisted me in returning a product.  They both demonstrated great customer service with the entire process and even went the extra mile in contacting a local manager who was willing to assist with the exchange.  Thanks again to both Robert John and Joshua Weber, in my professional opinion they represented your company with great character and class.  

Thank you.
Capt K.P.
United States Air Force
Deputy Chief of Intramurals

I would like to personally thank Robert at the Dallas Airport Wireless store for assisting me.  He is an outstanding sales person.  He helped me find exactly what I needed in a short period of time.  My thanks to Robert.



I was in your Dallas airport store a couple nights ago and the two guys there we're very accomodating.  I was in a pinch and didn't have the correct igo plug to charge my laptop.  They helped me out and although you didn't carry the one I needed they were able to give me the information so I can purchase one from igo.  Steve and Kahlil were lifesavers and I thank you very much.



I had to thank you for one of your employees. He is the best!!!  His name is Kyle and he works at the store in terminal C at DFW airport. I was very impressed with the caring attention he gave to me when I made a purchase the other day. I had thought that the days of truly excellent customer service had passed until I met Kyle.

Job well done and many thanks.


Dallas, Tx

I had recently visited your store at the San Francisco International airport and I must say that Francis is a fantastic employee. He seemed really well informed about all your products and he had helped me pick out the right Bluetooth headset and noise cancelling headphones. He even helped me connect the Bluetooth to my phone and showed me how to use it. Overall just a great shopping experience.



Dear Andres,

Just an email to compliment on of your associates, Daniel Magdaleno, at Techshowcase in Miami International Airport...I traveled down south for a job interview....I had a swiss army shoulder brief case with me...It was becoming very cumbersome to travel with the heavy bag....I stopped at your store and saw a Samsonite on wheels....I wanted to purchase it so I no longer needed to carry my shoulder bag; however, I had no place to store my Swiss Army bag....I asked Daniel if there was any way he could ship me the Swiss Army bag so I could go about my job interview...He didn't think twice about it...Please congratulate him on going above any beyond!!!!!!

Business Development & Human Resource Manager Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Tampa, FL

Just wanted to know, I met a wonderful employee of yours, David Animashaun at the Boston Logan Int'l Airport store. He had great customer service skills. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

B.O., M.D.
Loma Linda, CA

I just wanted to comment on the great service I received from Tanya Bands in the Washington International Airport at Airport Wireless.  She was more than helpful when I needed a memory card for my new Olympus camera.  She worked with me and the camera for more than 20 minutes until I left with my camera ready to use for my college reunion.  If it wasn't for Tanya I would have missed many special shots. (The memory card is quite different from the norm. )  Employees like Tanya are a definite attribute to your company.  Thanks again to Tanya.



Pittsburg, PA


Yesterday I stopped in the ATL store between flights to see what was available for my new BB Curve. Although I did not buy anything yet, I wanted to express my appreciation to you for your excellent customer service. You were attentive, well informed and very helpful. When I fly back through ATL or have an opportunity to shop at one of Airport Wireless
other locations I will.
Great job Ed!

Marketing Director
Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx

I am very pleased with Tommie in your Atlanta location. He provided a wealth of information in my quest as an audiophile. Keep up the Great work and when I have my next layover I will purchase the Shure earphones.



Subject: Great service for my Palm Treo

I had an upgrade downloaded to my Treo recently, and then afterwards I noticed that I couldn't send emails.  I was getting an error and didn't know what to do.  I stopped into the Airport Wireless shop, and got with Kyle Dykes.  He took my Treo, and within 5 minutes had both my email accounts up and working.  For whatever reason, the Palm update had removed the @xxx.com suffix from my email accounts.  He put those back, and I was up and running...  And I didn't have a lot of time between flights, so it was perfect and great!

Thanks to Kyle and your shop!


Subject: great staff at the Philly airport store

I just wanted to take the time to compliment your staff at the Philadelphia Airport Wireless store.  Both Ly and Virgil went out of their way to help me with my Jawbone wireless headset.  You should be proud to have such exceptional customer service people in your organization.  This is why I like to purchase items from your stores all over the country versus a mega electronic store.  Your customer service is the reason.  
Best regards,

Founder & CEO
Xxxxxxxxxxx Health, Inc.
Mission Viejo, CA

Dear Sir or Madam:

 We were recently in your store at the airport (Oakland Terminal 2 Techshowcase store) and I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your fine employees Mr. Chris Bowerman and Mike Gomez.  They were very helpful and pleasant and were excellent representatives for your company.

 Very truly yours, 

 E.W.F. Esq.
South Bend, ID


I would like to thank you for providing a well-stocked and fully-serviced store to shop for wireless accessories.  I wandered into the store at LaGuardia Airport last week, initially just to look.  I ran across a large selection of earbuds which I've been meaning to explore.  Adam, your salesperson, went out of his way to let me listen to 5 different earbuds, each with fresh ear cushions.  I was able to make a selection that sounded best to me for the right price.  I would never have been able to do this in a competitor's store.  This is the way service was meant to be!

New York, NY

I would like to mention what a positive experience I had with your store in Dallas. Steve Walton was great and assisted me greatly and even mentioned a military discount when I showed him my military ID without me asking. I was very impressed. I bought the 349.00 pair of Ableplanet headphones and he was able to answer my many questions. I normally buy online and was just looking. He is excellent.


Dr. T.P. MD.
Belton, TX

I would like to Thank Rich at your Newark Store for his time helping me with my Blackberry 8310 that wasn’t working. And on finding interesting gadgets For it .


Long Island, NY

To Whom It May Concern:

On a trip from California to New Jersey, I discovered I had forgotten my phone charger. Since this trip was business, I almost had a panic attack.

I have the new Sony-Ericsson phone and no store at the Dallas airport had the correct "plug." In fact, after visiting 3 different airport stores, I discovered that the staff in each of the stores did not know much about phone charges.  I saw the Techshowcase Store and as a last resort thought I wood give it a try. Not only did you have the exact charger I needed, you stocked 2 different choices. On top of that, your employees, Steve and Le'triche, teamed up and gave me knowledgeable and top notch service. Kudos to them and you!

I am a platinum airline cardholder so don't be surprised if you see me a lot!

Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Sir or Madam:

 We were recently in your store at the airport (Oakland Terminal 2 Techshowcase store) and I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on your fine employees Mr. Chris Bowerman and Mike Gomez.  They were very helpful and pleasant and were excellent representatives for your company.

 Very truly yours, 

 E.W.F. Esq.
South Bend, ID


I would like to thank you for providing a well-stocked and fully-serviced store to shop for wireless accessories.  I wandered into the store at LaGuardia Airport last week, initially just to look.  I ran across a large selection of earbuds which I've been meaning to explore.  Adam, your salesperson, went out of his way to let me listen to 5 different earbuds, each with fresh ear cushions.  I was able to make a selection that sounded best to me for the right price.  I would never have been able to do this in a competitor's store.  This is the way service was meant to be!

New York, NY

I would like to mention what a positive experience I had with your store in Dallas. Steve Walton was great and assisted me greatly and even mentioned a military discount when I showed him my military ID without me asking. I was very impressed. I bought the 349.00 pair of Ableplanet headphones and he was able to answer my many questions. I normally buy online and was just looking. He is excellent.


Dr. T.P. MD.
Belton, TX

I would like to Thank Rich at your Newark Store for his time helping me with my Blackberry 8310 that wasn’t working. And on finding interesting gadgets For it .

Long Island, NY

To Whom It May Concern:

On a trip from California to New Jersey, I discovered I had forgotten my phone charger. Since this trip was business, I almost had a panic attack.

I have the new Sony-Ericsson phone and no store at the Dallas airport had the correct "plug." In fact, after visiting 3 different airport stores, I discovered that the staff in each of the stores did not know much about phone charges.  I saw the Techshowcase Store and as a last resort thought I wood give it a try. Not only did you have the exact charger I needed, you stocked 2 different choices. On top of that, your employees, Steve and Le'triche, teamed up and gave me knowledgeable and top notch service. Kudos to them and you!

I am a platinum airline cardholder so don't be surprised if you see me a lot!

Huntington Beach, CA

I am writing to commend and highly praise the customer service of your worker Kai and her supervisor Mustapha at your Detroit Airport Terminal store. I purchased a set of Vmode headphones for my Iphone at this store and subsequently had a problem with them. Kai was able to coordinate with Mustapha and resolve the problem with a new set with almost zero hassle.
Your team deserves high marks for their knowledge of the products along with their cheerful attitude to help the customer. I will definitely be searching out the Airport Wireless Store in DTW for my next "gadget" purchase.
And your prices are great too!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I'm sure you receive these emails often, however, I would like to share a
fantastic retail experience I had with one of your sales associates, David.
My husband and I were travelling through the Boston airport and stopped into
the Airport Wireless store to check out some noise cancelling headphones.
David greeted us immediately even though he had a store full of customers.
He was able to juggle all of his customers flawlessly giving each the
personal attention they needed without neglecting anyone, a rare quality in
a sales person.  He was not only very knowledgable about the products your
store carries, but also very helpful in listening to my personal needs about
fit and sound quality; and suggesting a great product which I then purchased
from him.  He was friendly, courteous, and extremely professional. 
  We own a retail store on Nantucket and understand the importance of great
help even though it is often hard to come by.  As a store owner I feel
compelled to congratulate you on having such an exemplary employee and to
thank David for our great retail experience.
  Xxxx Xxxxx Gifts
  Nantucket, MA

Dear Sirs:

I just wanted to make you know how well treated and advised I was by one of your employees, who's name is Milton.  He was very knowledgeable, and though I wanted to buy a low end cell phone, he explained me all the advantages of the Palm Treo 680 and made me buy what is now for me a great tool for my business.  Congratulations for the great level of service.



Montevideo, Uruguay


I was stranded in Detroit Airport and needed to by a charger for my phone. Somehow I misplaced my phone and couldn't find it when I got to your store. Your store service employees Mustapha and Tyreke thought fast and let me immediately call my phone of course it went to voicemail. Within 10 minutes though someone called the store and said I just found a phone and this was the last number that called...it was the restaurant right next to the store...one of their waitresses found it in the rest room. It was a harrowing travel day for me but your guys saved the day. I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with their resourcefulness and friendly helpful manner. Please recognize this and let them know you know they are doing a great job.

Thanks - happy holidays
Mequion, WI

I was working in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport a few weeks ago and had occasion to make several visits to your store in the B concourse.

Kyle was very helpful, not only in assisting me with a few accessories I purchased, but also in resolving an issue I had.  Just wanted to let you know I valued his service and gave you return specifically as a result of his help.

Thank you,

United Airlines

To Whom It May Concern,

I am sending this to commend Karl Elkner, Store manager at Boston Logan Airport.  I would like to share that Karl went above and beyond what I believe his function to be.  After spending time on the telephone with Palm support, They sent me to my local retail location.  When I got there, Karl acted professional and complied with directions Palm offered and shared that he is a sales location, but was happy to back up the data from my faulty equipment.  When I called Palm support back and realized that they could/would not facilitate replacing my T/X on the spot, I realized that Karl was doing what was right to help someone in need.  I am very grateful to Karl and would like to make sure that his upper management understands that this level of service will result in future sales by me and anyone who asks me where I would buy a new Palm.  Karl did the right thing and I am grateful.

Boston, MA

I request that this letter be posted for review and input into Erin Kidd's employee file.

When I arrived in Detroit early morning, I noticed that I didn't have a power cord for my laptop computer. This computer is used in my business and needed it for a presentation in Connecticut, as I was connecting to my next flight, I was in a hurry. I went into your store location in the Detroit Metro Airport and asked Erin for help in buying the correct power supply cord. Erin had taken her time to find the correct transformer as there were several transformers that did not work. Erin made sure she sold me the correct power cord and that I can use my laptop without problems.

Please accept my letter of appreciation for Erin Kidd.
A pleased customer from Peoria Arizona,

I was in the Airport Wireless in Detroit Metro Airport.  One of my tip/adapter had broken on a trip.  Tyreke seeing my frustration took very good care of me and offered a "free" replacement, from an open pack.  His act of generosity makes Airport Wireless stand out.  Thanks to Tyreke!

Detroit, MI

To Whom It May Concern,

The team at Miami International airport is excellent. They go above and beyond to assist. They ensure that I left the store satisfied.
I will recommend that if you need any wireless accessories that it's the first place to go. You will be taken care of.

Thanks guys for a job well done

Boca Raton, FL

Hi Corey,

I was a customer in your Atlanta Airport shop on Saturday night and bought a Palm Treo.

Just to let you know that the Treo fired up successfully in the UK and all my stuff transferred beautifully. A successful marriage! Thank you for your generous and accurate assistance.


I would like to commend Ms. Donna Bailey for her expertise, efficiency, and complete knowledge of the Palm products. I had inadvertently lost my pda, and Ms. Bailey walked me through a number of options that I could utilize. I eventually found my pda, but I assure you, that in the very near future I will need another, whether it be a pda or smartphone using the Palm o/s. I will undoubtedly seek Ms. Baily’s assistance in the matter. Once again, I compliment you on having Ms Baily as an asset on your team.

Best Regards,


Executive Vice President 
X.X. Xxxxxxxx & CO, INC.   
New  York, New  York


Erica helped me through a crisis in picking a keyboard for my Blackberry, then when our IT department made it impossible to use that keyboard, on a return trip Erica treated me with respect and courtesy and helped me return the piece. It is because of her actions not only will I return to shop at Airport Wireless, but I will tell others about the great experience too.

Thank you for staffing your store with people like Erica.


Director, Public Affairs
Xxxxxxxx Communication
Arlington, VA


Karl Elkner at Logan Airport helped me fix a problem with my iPhone. He was great! You don't even sell that item. Then he showed me some lovely $100+ headphones. They were MUCH better than the OEM that Apple provides, so I bought a pair. Hat's off to Karl! I wouldn't have bought the headphones if it weren't for him helping me with the iPhone.


Los Angeles, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I own a business and very much appreciate customer service. The Manager of your Cleveland Airport Wireless Palm location, Andrew Glass represents your organization well. I have used Palm Pilots since they came out in the 1990's. Recently I upgraded to a Windows version of the Treo 750 from a Treo 650, and had regretted the move.

I stopped in to the store on my way home because I had experienced many difficulties with my new Palm 750 that I purchased back on the East Coast (and owned for 7 months). I was hoping someone would be able to help. Often the technical expertise you get these days is minimal beyond the scope of a sale.

Neither Palm's On-line Technical Support, nor the reseller, nor my contracted IT firm were able to resolve some of these challenges.

Andrew patiently went through my Palm, explained to me various features, helped me to code the phone to synchronize with my Exchange Server, advised how to extend bettery life and optimize the Palm 750's features such as the MP3 player and more. He even gave me his business card and advised that I email him in the future should I have any further challenges. What a nice person.

Because of his good service I ended up purchasing two software programs, and some hardware for the phone that together cost over several hundred dollars.

I thought it was important to write this email and let you know how much I appreciated his excellent service.

D.D.M, President
XXXXX & XXXXXXXXX Insurance Services, Inc.
Bourne, MA

To whom it may concern,

I don't often take time from my busy schedule to comment on a company's employee, unless I feel that it's REALLY warranted.

And that's the case today! Since you undoubtedly know Dayna, you already know what I'm about to say, but I'll say it anyway. What a fantastic representative for your company she is!!!

I've spoken with LOTS of folks regarding technology, and I've been almost uniformly frustrated by people who are clearly underpowered for their position. Dayna is just the opposite - which makes me worry that she won't be doing that particular work much longer, but for as long as she is, she will be my single go-to person for all things wireless. The fact that I live in Iowa is irrelevant - I'll e-mail her or call her to have stuff shipped to me.

And in case you're wondering, yes, she's sold me something - I have to decide exactly what the best path is, but I'll be buying a Palm unit from y'all, thanks to her! ;o)

Thanks for providing someone who can REALLY do her job. Have a GREAT day!

Ames, IA


I was in the Detroit store this week and just browsing around when Rodney and Tyreke got a hold of me and just did an amazing job of helping me to pick out the perfect Bluetooth mic for my cell phone.  I didn't think I was going to buy one really, and I certainly had no intent to spend $150, but they were so cheerful, excited and willing to please that I simply could not resist.  They literally did everything they could to make it a fun experience.  I hope you are taking good care of these two because it's clear to me that they are ambitious and deserve a great opportunity in your company!

Newark, NJ

To whom it may concern:

My workmate and I received outstanding customer service from Evan Kline and Milton Vazquez at your Miami location. They were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and excellent at selling both my workmate and I a few hundred dollars of merchandise. Excellent experience!

Arcata, CA


This message is sent to recognize a notably superior employee at your Airport Wireless store in SFO: Shane Sutton. Coming off a flight, I decided to check the store for a gift for my Palm 680-owning spouse. Shane immediately understood my goal and showed me options, demonstrating both enthusiasm and product knowledge. He even "upsold" me on thinking about getting something for my own non-Palm phone, but did it so effectively and gently that it was welcome information, not hard-sell pushing. In the end, my plan to buy one quick product turned into a purchase of three items and the background thought that I'd definitely check out the store on future trips.

I've seen travelers in airports talk to store employees in bored, surly, and even hostile ways. In that environment, I suspect it can be difficult to maintain a positive, enthusiastic, helpful attitude. It may be even more frustrating for those employees who have legitimate product line knowledge.

Shane rose above the crowd in all respects.

Best regards,

Portola Valley, CA


We were customers of your Miami branch and were assisted by your sales representative Milton and I must say if all your sales reps are helpful as he, you'll always have a prosperous, thriving business. He was very patient, informative and gave great advice when it came to the products in the store. Then on our way back through Miami, we were very fortunate to also meet Edward and Evan, the three of them made our experience there really unforgettable. They were quite warm, humorous, energetic, caring, extremely helpful and uniquely full of people skills. They gave us a service, not of what they had to offer but what we really needed. Thank you very much to Airport Wireless, for your great employees, we guarantee you that we will visit your store again, whether we need something or not because of the great service, we will buy something once we are in Miami again.

S.A and H.A.

Turks and Caicos Islands


I wanted to tell you about a WONDERFUL customer service experience I had in your ATL location. I was in a rush and had to buy a last minute birthday present for my husband. I was helped by Mustafa and he was very knowledgeable, honest, helpful and fast. He went above and beyond in helping me stuff the large item in my carry on and in this day of shoddy customer service he should be recognized. As an airport concessionaire, I wish all of my managers cared as much as Mustafa did when he assisted me with my purchase. I will wait to buy in airports because of such great customer service. Congratulations!!

Kind regards,


Miami, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday, I was flying out of Edward McNamara airport in Detroit and I made a straight run to Airport Wireless at Gate 30. I had been looking for an item, that to my surprise, you had in stock. In my excitement, I dropped 2 very valuable cables and went on my way. Today, noticing I was missing these items, I gave the store a call. Not only did I receive excellent service during my transaction, but both Tyreke and Ishaan were willing to go far above their duties and are mail the cables back! I can't thank you enough guys. Keep up the great service and you'll win over hardened tech-roadies like myself.

Many thanks,

Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Crespo,

I wanted to take a moment to recognize your employee Tyquan. On August 15th, he was very helpful in helping me choose a set of noise cancelling head phones. He was very professional, and I appreciate his insight. He is an exemplary employee, and one you can be proud of.


V.P. xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, Inc.
Louisville, KY


I was at DFW Airport waiting for a connecting flight when my Blackberry refused to cooperate with me. I stopped at one of your stores and your employee, Kyle D., was nice enough to spend about 20 minutes getting everything back on line. I just want to congratulate you on hiring extremely helpful and friendly people.

Mt. Laurel, NJ


I wanted to take a moment and inform you that Jason is doing an excellent job. Most often management only hears from the customer when there is a problem. I personally believe that you should also hear when one of your people is doing well. This is the case with Jason. Jason was courteous and knowledgeable about what is in his store. He was able to direct me to what I needed quickly to get me on my way. Out of curiosity, I watched him with several other customers. He displayed the same professionalism and abilities with each. Overall, I would say that he is doing an excellent job.


Austin, TX

This is to let you know that Mohamed in DFWB was a delightful help. Not only did he help me quickly, but with humor and knowledge

Thank you.

Santa Barbara, CA

Thank You.

I just had a wonderful customer service experience with April Robinson at Reagan National who took extra time helping me with a technical TREO problem. Very pleasant, April made my day. Thank you for having such a kind and helpful employee. I noticed your business card and wanted to reach out to you.


Lincoln, NE


I recently came through your store at Logan Airport terminal A, and had a wonderful experience with your sales associate Mike Simons. He was very professional and showed me many of your newest toys. In conversation I explained that I was heading to New York City and had never been, and he recommended that I pick up the Treo GPS kit, he asked if I had a laptop or data on my phone so I can activate the product (which I don't) so he went online and activated it for me. He even printed out the rebate form and an extra copy of the receipt. I just wanted to let you know that I am loving the device and am really thankful for his help.


On Aug 4, 2007, I flew into Detroit from China. Once through Immigration and Customs I was deflated. With little time between connecting flights, I found your store and was greeted by a professional salesperson with ability, a positive attitude and a willingness to meet my timeline and my needs. Kia Walton deserves recognition! Thank you for her selflessness, her smile and her accountability. She knew my needs, opened the package and ensured satisfaction. Please find a way to acknowledge her! She was a breath of fresh air, a lighthouse in a stormy sea. I will gladly shop Airport Wireless in the future – especially in Detroit!


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to commend Gee-Lo, who assisted me at your Philadelphia International location. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I was very impressed with the high degree of service he provided given that most of your clients are just passing through and may never be seen again. Gee-Lo is a model for the retail industry. Please pass on these comments to Gee-Lo's supervisor.


Philadelphia, PA

Hello Michael:

I just wanted to commend one of your staff members, Andres Aleno. He provided me with wonderful, fast, and through customer service. He was a pleasure to work with, and due to his customer service skills and how he represented your company, I will remain a faithful customer to Airport Wireless.

Thank you,


Hi Michael,

I just wanted to let you know about my experience buying a Sirius radio and home dock package from Ryan. I am 63 years old and not a "geek". I also have been shocked over the years at the lack of customer service and care available in most businesses. Ryan was the reason that I bought from your company. He was enthusiastic about the product. He was personable, knowledgeable and even able to make me feel smart. He is a huge asset to your organization. Your company was smart to hire him, he is a rare treasure in these days. I hope you realize his value. If I had a competitive business to yours, I would do anything in my power to steal him away from you. He's that good.


Bonnie May

I was at the Detroit Metro Airport and worked with Tyreke - EXCELLENT guy and most helpful! Next time I'm in the Detroit airport I'll be coming by to see him.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

To Whom It May Concern:

Superior customer service. Unfortunately, it is no longer as prevalent in the retail industry as it once was. So, when one receives excellent customer service, it is noticeable. It sets the merchant apart. I had such an experience in the Airport Wireless store in the Charlotte airport on Sunday, 24th June 2007. I hope that your organization has a structure in place to recognize its employees. Ricardo Vasquez and Justin Kudic deserve thanks beyond that which I extended while I was in the store yesterday. They not only resolved an issue with a defective device, they worked to ensure that I had all the equipment necessary for extensive international travel and, in doing so, allowed for a much easier and more efficient way of managing a laptop, BlackBerry, iPod, etc.

Please extend my thanks to Ricardo and Justin for their kindness and professionalism.

Kind regards,

Charlotte, NC

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this to make sure you know you are well represented by Mr. Andrew Craig of your Philadelphia Airport, Terminal C store. If he exemplifies the quality and character of your staff, then you are to be congratulated on your hiring, retention and training policies.

Mr. Craig was brought my wife's cell phone, by an employee of a caffeine vendor at terminal C, where my wife had left the phone after talking with her family (where she was headed for a visit.) When the staff at the caffeine vendor noticed the phone had been sitting for some time, they brought it to Andrew, confident he'd know what to do about it. He called the last number dialed on it (mine) told me what was up, then assured me he'd safe-guard it until it could be sent here (we live in San Francisco). So I was able to call my wife's cousin and let her know the phone was safe. My wife had been very upset when she discovered she'd lost the phone, so the news was comforting. Andrew later went to the UPS store and called me so I could talk with the UPS person and pay for the shipping. The phone is recovered and "all's well that ends well."

Andrew saved us a lot of potential grief and uncertainty. And he did it on his own time. He explained his first priority remained the store, and that it might take "a little while." No problem with that at all.

We think Andrew's senses of priority and responsibility are outstanding, and we commend him.



Philadelphia, PA

To whom it may concern:

I would like to express my thanks to Noel in your Detroit airport store. He showed me how to download mp3's and play videos on my Palm. I was having no luck and was becoming frustrated with the device. I am quite happy now.



Philadelphia, PA

I love your stores. It seems like I buy something there EVERYTIME I fly.  
Keep up the good work. Are you a public company?  If so, can you email me links where I can get the stock symbol.
I am definitely going to buy.



Reno, Nevada

To whom it may concern,

I feel it my duty to advise you of the absolute outstanding customer support I received from Mr. Evan Kline and also his associate Milton Vazquez at your store located at the Miami International Airport. Their outstanding service, and impeccable product knowledge, together with their friendly attitude, will make me ONLY purchase items from your store and recommend your store and service to each and every one of my friends and associates.

I thank you again, and please commend these two outstanding people accordingly as they are greats assets to your corporation.

Thanks and best regards,

New York, NY

Aloha Mr. Warner: 

The purpose of this note is to commend your employee Liz Cheng.  What a helpful and competent person you have running your business in the early morning hours.

About three weeks ago, on my way to Italy, I stopped by the shop to pick up a cover for the screen on my Palm Treo.  She not only sold me the new cover, but took the time to install it, making sure it was what I wanted.  I was impressed.

Then, while in Italy my Treo disappeared - lost on a train between Venice and Milan. When we returned to San Francisco, on the way back to Maui; we immediately headed for your shop near Gate 86.  Lo and behold, Liz was there, and continued her superlative level of service.  She sold me a new Palm 680; and called Cingular to assure that our service was in place.  This was an extra effort on her part, and certainly gave me a very comfortable level with the quality of the people in your shop.  She is very knowledgeable, and was helpful, answering all the questions I had, and also, coincidently, selling me a Bluetooth headset, which is compatible with the Palm 680.  She even went so far as to test it, making sure that everything was working perfectly, and that I understood the operation.  This is really critical, since I am sure most of your customers are like me - people in transit between one part of our world and another.

By the way, all of this took place on Friday, April 27th. Liz noted that she was a fairly new employee.  What an effective person she was. You are very fortunate.  While she was waiting on me, I noticed that she made sure that others who entered the shop were also greeted, their questions answered, and their needs satisfied.  Once again, I express my appreciation to you and to Liz for doing an outstanding job of providing me with the product and the service that I needed.



Maui, HI


My name is F.C.  I am the CEO of Xxxxxxxx, LLC a substantial Military Contractor and frequent traveler to/from BWI and have a TREO 650 phone, which came with a specific case that I have wanted to replace since it broke about a year ago. Basically, I have looked everywhere, and was amazed to find it at your store, yet it was Pink, something I was not interested in but your sales person Corinne, was smart enough to ask for my business card, so she could contact me in the future if it came in, which of course it did and I will be out to pick it up shortly.  Furthermore, she also sold me a $99 dollar Bluetooth attachment for my phone and solved a huge problem I had with wind noise and back ground noise.

The new hands free set works great and I am very happy and now that I have my new case coming to me, I feel like I am up and running again as opposed to putting my phone in my back pocket and pushing the old hands free deep into my ear, hoping to hear better...two very disturbing rituals I had become used to.

In closing, it should be mentioned that Corinne's friendly customer service, sincerely helpful attitude and superb product knowledge makes her very effective as a sales person and combing that with the convenience of your well located store; well, I would suppose she will go on to break company records. I have already told my partner to go see her next time he goes through BWI!

Thanks again and be sure to let your people know what an outstanding job they are indeed doing, it is truly appreciated.

Very Sincerely,

Bloomfield Hills, MI

To Whom It May Concern:

Sandra at your EWR-C Newark, NJ store, walked me through a very complete purchase and did everything right - because of her complete knowledge of products and her efficiency.  Great employee!

Dr. R.W.
Paterson, N.J.


I did find a copy of the Palm Software here in Florida and will not need you to send one down from Jersey. I want you all to know that I really appreciate your extra effort and putting the needs of your customers first. You all have always been professional and very helpful. I always make a point of dropping in to your airport store, even when it is out of the way. I just wish that everyone in the Palm Inc international service and sales chain was as good as all of you in the Newark Airport store. You make a big difference.


To Whom It May Concern:
On Tuesday last I purchased a Palm and some accessories from your store in the airport in Atlanta. I wanted to drop a note to someone in authority to highly complement Tamesha Dillion and Tamekia. Tamesha originally sold me the Palm unit and stayed with me until everything was installed, she was very helpful.
Unfortunately in my hurry we did something wrong and I had to call the next day. Tamaqua answered the phone. She helped me, as well. (About 40 minutes the phone) Please give both ladies a "pat" on the back for a super job. I was hesitant to purchase something in an airport since I live 1000+ miles away (Kansas City). I will recommend your product and service to my friends, and I will be back.


Kansas City, MO

Hi Johnnie,
I recently did some business at the SFO Palm store, ran into some technical difficulties during a trip last week, and got some outstanding assistance from Pocco Jimenez. Because I didn’t anticipate problems with the Jarba bluetooth headset I previously purchased, I didn’t have any receipts with me. Pocco worked with me in determining the actual day I purchased, and patiently traced back my receipt in the credit card system. I live in a world of customer support and customer satisfaction, and would just like to acknowledge outstanding service. Pocco went above and beyond the call, and I want to make sure you’re aware that you have one great resource on your staff.


Burlington, MA

I purchased a Palm Life Drive last week at your store in the Newark Airport. I want to thank you for having such an outstanding staff. I was asking a lot of questions and was guided through my purchase with a lot of patience from your staff. Joel, Michael and Yanaris were very helpful and professional. I think they make your store a great environment to buy from. I live in Passaic, New Jersey and will drive to Newark Airport to buy my Palm accessories from now on. It is definitely worth the parking fees. I have recommended that my friends and family do the same.
Thank you for making the shopping experience so pleasant.


Passaic, NJ


I am a recent customer of your Boston Logan Airport Wireless store. I just wanted to let you know that Ryan Wilkens handled me so well while I was shopping for a new PDA two weeks ago that I asked him who his boss was, so that I could give you some feedback.
Ryan took more than 15 minutes with me in the store showing me all the features of the units I was interested in, and then outlined the pros and cons of each model as it applied to my usage, accessory needs, and intended future use. He was very thorough, but yet, put no pressure on me at all. Finally, when I settled on a unit, he gave me a great deal, offered a money-back return and offered to help in any way he could after the sale. He also charged up the unit while I waited for my flight, and offered to transfer all the info from my existing PDA.
I frequently say that good customer service is a dead art form in our hectic and impersonal society, but Ryan really was a breath of fresh air that gave me hope that there are still some who understand the value of treating people right.


Lake Elsinore, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to commend one of your employees for excellent customer service. Pricilla Brown at the Boston Logan Airport Terminal A location saved my reputation. I realized that I had forgotten the charger for my Treo just as I was boarding my flight. I wouldn’t reach my destination in time to buy a charger there, and I needed the charger because I run my Power Point client presentations through the phone.
My flight was delayed for 20 minutes and Priscilla processed my credit card over the phone and personally delivered the charger to my gate. An agent met her and I received the charger on the plane before we took off.
My presentation went of without a hitch, and my client was thoroughly impressed with my presentation being run through the phone.
Priscilla Brown definitely deserves to be commended and congratulated for demonstrating excellent customer service.


Charlestown, MA


Just a short note to let you know what a great job Jessica is doing at the Pittsburgh Airport location. She was cheerful, knowledgeable, and very focused on customer service.

Thanks for a great shopping experience,

Las Vegas, NV


While traveling home through ATL, I stopped your Palm Kiosk and was immediately greeted with a warm and pleasant smile by “Daniel.” He was courteous, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about the products and the organization.
I wanted to take the opportunity to ensure that it is duly noted, that the pride he takes to ensure that the customer experience is outstanding. This is a rare quality today in most organizations and by their associates. With that being said, when someone cares about what they are doing and cares about people, such as Daniel, it encourages me to want to do business with that company and tell my friends and family about the positive experience.
Thank you, Daniel for taking time to educate me about your products and for setting such a high expectation, and restoring my faith in the business arena. Please continue to maintain the positive demeanor and professional character, as this will take you a long way in life and business. You are a great asset and have a positive attitude.
For my future electronic needs, I will seek out Palm products – all because of the manner in which you have represented your firm.
Have a joyous and blessed holiday season,

Thank you very much,

Atlanta, GA

To Whom It May Concern;

I just wanted Michael's managers to know how excellent of a job he's done in taking care of my needs for a PALM TREO 680. I called him, asked about the stock on hand and was offered to have a TREO shipped to me in Los Angeles. I needed this phone before the new year for a trip I am taking and all of my local PALM retail stores were out of stock and PALM.com was also taking backorders. I didn't expect to have a phone shipped to me from a retail store in another city, but Michael delivered and with excellent customer service. Please see my email to him below:


I wanted to say thank you very much for taking such excellent care of me and getting me my Palm Treo 680 in Graphite color. As I mentioned, I need this phone for a trip I am taking right after the new year and trying to get one from PALM or a PALM store would be a big hassle. But you were able to take care of this for me and get this shipped out to me ASAP, which I will hopefully receive tomorrow.

As I mentioned on the phone, please send me your contact information, so that any future purchases I make will be only from you and your store. I enjoy working with people who know how to give excellent customer service, as I do.

Again, I sincerely appreciate everything you've done for me and I look forward to receiving my phone tomorrow and working with you in the future.


Los Angeles, CA


Just wanted to let you know that Stephanie has been EXTREMELY helpful to me !!

Her patience was infinite whether on the telephone (when I first called), and when I turned up at your store yesterday for additional assistance.

Please extend my words of appreciation to her.


San Francisco, CA


I wanted to let you know that Kyeana Jones did a fabulous job at the airport store in Boston.

I really appreciated her help.


Lynchburg, VA

To Whom It May Concern:

On 30 November I arrived at Miami International Airport from Bermuda.  I had looked up retailers in the area on the Palm website.  I located your store in Terminal H before collecting my luggage.  I was greeted quite pleasantly by a couple of your salespeople.  Edward Andrade asked how he could assist me.  I explained that I needed the Palm 650.  Mr. Andrade explained that the last available phone was the demonstration model.  He offered to give me complete instruction on the Treo 650.  I explained that I was replacing a broken Treo 650 and was quite familiar.  Mr. Andrade took the time to set-up the phone to work with my sim card.  He then offered warranty information and advice on accessories.  Mr. Andrade sold me a case.  I explained that I would need an additional case but did not have the time and would return on 6 December.  When I returned on 6 December Mr. Andrade was quite helpful in advising me on a case for my husband, who is quite pleased with it.  Additionally, Mr. Andrade suggested anti-glare screen protectors and an additional case for me, both of which I purchased.
I am not an impulse buyer and am quite diligent in researching products prior to purchasing.  However, Mr. Andrade took the time necessary to explain pros and cons to each item and offered suggestions accompanied with the logic behind his suggestions.  You have a very valuable employee in Mr. Andrade and you are to be commended for the insight to hiring him.  In most airport Kiosk stores customer service does not set high on the priority list because the employees feel the person is passing through and will not give repeat business.  Mr. Andrade puts customer service first and when coupled with his product knowledge and you have a winning combination.   Because of Mr. Andrade I will return to the Miami Airport Wireless store for future phone and accessory needs.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.  Have a great holiday season.

Warmest Regards,


To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to send GREAT PRAISE to Liz at your San Francisco Terminal 3 - Gate 86 store.  By way of a couple of Treo websites I found my way to call Liz this morning regarding the much anticipated release of the Palm Treo 680.

I had ordered the Treo 680 directly from Palm 2 weeks ago only to be told again and again that they were on back order because they had taken too many orders - and that I would be lucky to have mine by Christmas.

So when Liz was eager to help me and had the one I wanted in stock with overnight delivery - I COULDN'T CONTROL MY EXCITEMENT!

I know she was not exclusively responsible for them having the device for immediate shipping.  But she was FRIENDLY - HELPFUL - KNOWLEDGEABLE - & just as excited as I was about this product as I was.

As a Treo "addict" I have been waiting for this release for 6+ months and after wondering if Palm would ever come through for me... Liz came to my rescue!

Thanks again!  Now, I excitedly await my new Treo which will be here TOMORROW!
After Reply from Director of Ops...


Thank you for the direct reply!  You should also know that after I sent the email that someone else from the store called back to let me know the shipping status and to give me another contact number in case I needed additional assistance.  AND I got an email today from Johnny, again offering the assistance of the team if needed.  Unbelievable!  (good unbelievable)

I am a business owner myself, and my people are my product.  I think too often, the only feedback we hear is the negative.  People only bother to write or call when they want something for free.  I have shared my experience with many people on the forums of the Treonauts website(www.treonauts.com) and I know several of them bought the same device from your company yesterday and have all raved about the experience.  Hats off to you and you team!  Keep doing what you are doing!

I will definitely buy from you again!


Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Mike,

I just received a phone call from a customer named S.M. who was in here last week. Mr. M said that he wanted to call and tell us how lucky we are to have an honest, knowledgeable person like Sebastian Angomas representing Airport Wireless and that the service that he has received here was outstanding. Mr. Mitchell said that he was in to ask for a quick charge on his phone but walked out with a Plantronics 655 and a smile; he said “please pass along to your HQ that I am a perfectionist…most would call me a scrooge but Sebastian made me happy, he’s a keeper”.  Mr. M also said to please feel free to contact him if you have any questions regarding his shopping experience (000) 000-0000.

    ~ Dina


I was in the Philly airport this past weekend, and needed a few things for my TREO 650, so I popped into your terminal B store.  Derrick Johnson was SUPER helpful and knowledgeable.  He helped me find what I needed out of what he had in stock.  A few minutes later I was in terminal C and stopped in to see if there was any different merchandise there.  Sokha Son helped me and we discovered a product there that was even better for me than what you had on hand at your terminal B store.  The two of them talked on the phone and worked it out to exchange the item for me so I wouldn't miss my flight.  Thanks you for hiring such kind and experienced staff.  It was refreshing to be treated so well.

Peabody, MA


I purchased a Palm at the Palm Store in Terminal B at the Philadelphia Airport.  I just wanted to commend two sales associates for going above and beyond in making my experience enjoyable, easy and efficient. One of them is named Yusuf and the other David. Both sales associates were extremely helpful and courteous both on the phone and in person. They gave great directions, escorted me promptly through security to get to the store, and were extremely helpful in deciding which Palm to buy.  Both were knowledgeable and friendly and because of my experience I would recommend to anyone to buy a Palm and to go to the airport to purchase it!

Thank you to Yusuf and David, and thanks for a great product!


J.M., MD

Philadelphia, PA

            I just wanted to commend Jerome on his knowledge and service at your Atlanta Airport Wireless facility.  I bought a Plantronics Bluetooth headset and also got some good advice and information from him.  You have a great staff there.  Congratulations.

Hailey, ID

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to commend one of your employees at the Pittsburgh International Airport store. His Name is Jason Totin. While traveling I stopped into your store to find a Bluetooth headset that amplified stronger than others as I am a bit hard of hearing. Jason had great knowledge of your products and recommended the right product. Later the device had some problems and I had to exchange it. As I did NOT have a ticket to board a plane, I could NOT reach your store due to security. Jason went out of his way to meet me at the main entrance of the airport and made the exchange there. I appreciate the extra effort that Jason made, and it will certainly be remembered the next time I come to your store to make a purchase.

Thanks from a satisfied customer, and one that will return

Pittsburgh, PA

After Reply from Director of Ops...

Mr. Goldschmidt,

Thank you. We are ALL busy in both our professional and personal lives; it is nice when someone is knowledgeable about something we need help with. No one has time to waste these days. Jason Totin was VERY confident of the technical direction he was advising, and he stood by his product when I was having minor difficulties. It is great that you will let him know that he has done a good job; I respect that. Also express my thanks and let him know I will be back as a repeat customer.

Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Dina,

Delaney Paul did a fine job assisting me when I traveled on Thursday. So did several other guys in Baltimore Washington the last time I traveled, including Cai Voong.

But, please pass on to your supervisor that the help I received from you took it to the next level. You did a phenomenal job guiding me!!!

Again, thank you.


Portsmouth, NH

Dear Joel,

Last week I purchased a rolling contour bag from you, and you helped me ship my old computer case back home.  The old case arrived safely and I wanted to thank you for your assistance that day.  Had you not been so knowledgeable and accommodating, I would not have purchased the bag. I am very happy with my purchase.

Thanks so much for your help.

Mira Loma, CA

Hi Ryan –

I wanted to commend one of your employees who helped me out … very knowledgeable.  His name is Rudolph Dorsett at the Orlando Airport store.  I thought you might want to recognize him or something.

Once again, thanks for all your help.

Scranton, PA


I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Yusuf in your Philly airport store has helped me with two purchases.  He is EXCELLENT.

Thanks for having great help!

Philadelphia, PA


The service and expertise by Soka Son at the Phila. airport was superb, he really got me out of a jam!!!!


Philadelphia, PA

Dear Sir or Madam:

My husband and I bought a charger at your retail store in the Philadelphia Airport this weekend.  A young man named Sokha Son waited on us and we were very impressed by his professionalism and wanted to let you know.  I observed him not only while he waited on us, but also while he served the customer before us.  He was sure to make eye contact with us briefly to say that he'd be right with us, which I think is SO important in retail sales, and then I noticed how thorough he was with his current customer, and he was equally thorough with us. 

He was unwilling to sell us anything until he was completely convinced (by trying the piece of equipment out on our laptop) to make sure we had the correct part.  I was thrilled, as was my husband, to have a replacement charger for the one we'd left behind at home, which seemed to be an excellent piece of equipment, on top of it all.  We actually stopped at your store on our way back through the airport on our return trip to pick up a cell phone tip to go with the charger, which Sokha had told us about, and received equally excellent service and were thanked kindly for shopping at your store.

Shopping at your store was our pleasure.  It's very nicely put together and the displays are excellent.  Thank you again for obviously hiring excellent people, and training them well.  It was a welcome exchange for weary travelers like us that day.


Tillson, NY

Dear Mr. Goldschmidt:

My sister and I were recently delayed in the Pittsburgh airport.  We were lucky enough to meet up with Mr. Michael Murphy.  He showed us numerous items about which my sister had questions and he pointed out different features that he liked on the computer he was working on when we came. 

At 6:35 a.m. to find someone in the airport that is on the ball is unbelievable but to find someone who is patient, knowledgeable, and intelligent about what a consumer could most likely use; and then describe the product's pros and cons, is really outstanding.

Thank you for hiring Mr. Murphy.  In the early hours, he definitely showed himself to be wide awake!


Pittsburgh, PA


I just wanted to write a short note to tell you that the two employees at MIA and in particular Milton, were very helpful, professional and creative during my last visit to the airport.  My daughter and I stopped in and they were not only helpful but discovered how to solve an issue I had – and would never have solved it without Milton’s help.  You are lucky to have him!

Best regards,

Miami, FL

To whom it may concern:

I would like to comment on great service that I received from Sokha Son on my return trip home, while in the Philadelphia airport. I had locked my cell phone accidentally before take off and when I got to Philly I tried unlocking it but did not know the password. I didn't set it up and thought my husband had, and he was not traveling with me. I needed to call him in San Diego but now I was stuck, so I was looking for a Verizon customer service center. I walked into the Palm Airport Wireless store and asked Sokha if you were a Verizon representative and he said "no, but asked if there was anything that he could do for me." I said that I had locked my cell phone and don't know the password. He asked to see my cellphone and asked my telephone number while I was giving him my number he keyed it in and unlocked my cellphone. I was so happy that he did that for me and not being a Verizon employee that I asked him his name. I want to acknowledge him because he sure saved me a lot of time and hassle being able to contact my husband before I boarded from Philly. Please acknowledge this fine employee with whatever rewards are given for outstanding customer service. He was a life saver and when I got home I showed my husband how to unlock his cell phone too. We are young senior citizens and really appreciate when young employees do an outstanding job.

Thank you,

San Diego, CA

If you need further info, please email me. 

Dear Ed:

Thank you for your phone call just now.  I appreciate your prompt attention to my request and will return the Treo 650 via FedEx to your attention.  As discussed, I just had to vent my feelings about my experience with the phone and am in no way upset or frustrated with you or your company.  As a matter of fact, I feel part of an exclusive group to now be a satisfied customer of Airport Wireless of Miami.  Your overwhelmingly pleasant and professional manner has won me over as one of your new loyal customers!   I will recommend you and your company to my colleagues and staff if they find themselves in need of qualified sales staff in the world of high tech cellular phones and accessories.

Thank you again for your prompt and personal reply.  I look forward to our continued good relationship.  I'll buy you a tasty cool beverage on your next visit to Key West!

Warm Regards,

Key West, FL


I met you in the store and asked you questions about the Treo 700w versus 700p.   I really appreciated the time you spent answering my questions, the knowledge you had, and how friendly you were.  I have switched to the 700p and am much happier!!!  Now I can feel loyal to Treo again.  :)

Thanks so much!!
Phoenix, AZ


Just wanted to let you know of the consistently excellent service I receive at your store.  And even at your normal high standards, I wanted to point out Sokha Son and Derrick Johnson.  Over the past month I have bought two Shure headsets, sundry power supplies and batteries from them. They always give a knowledgeable answer to a question and a chance to test the product.  And these are guys that are as “bleeding edge” as I am…even with things like blackberry connect for the Treo 650!

Keep up the good work.

Chicago, IL

To whom it may concern,

I was running late to my flight and I was worried about  having left my phone charger at home, one gentleman working at the BWI store in the D pier, named Martez, kindly helped me, rushing to get exactly which one I needed. Considering the extra pressure and environment one working at the airport might deal with, I was very impressed with the customer service and friendly attitude. Thank you again!

Washington, D.C.


I want to report a great job that was done by employees Yusuf and Sokha in Philly. I left without a power cord for my Dell. Yusuf was extremely helpful allowing me to not only solve my problem, but upgrade capabilities. I will be spreading the good news about your store to all because of these employees.

Burgettstown, PA

Mr. Goldschmidt:
On June 30th, in preparation for a trip to Greece, I purchased a stereo headset and keyboard for my Palm Treo 700p from Alan.
I had an existing AC charger that, while attempting to charge my phone at the gate in the E concourse, broke. We had about 20 minutes until the flight took off and not knowing the availability of Palm accessories in the Greek Isles, I was desperate.
I called the store and explained my situation to Alan. He was considerate enough to arrange coverage in the store, allow me to purchase the charger over the phone, and personally delivered it to my gate with only minutes to spare.
He's a tremendous asset to your organization and I do hope you're taking good care of him!
Atlanta, GA


I just wanted to tell someone about the great service that I always receive from the Airport Wireless store in Logan Terminal C. Your manager there James Kim and his team Ryan, Michael and Matt just to name a few are always so accommodating, friendly and professional. I have spent a lot of money there and I will continue to do so. My office is in the Prudential Center and I go Airport Wireless for all of my technical needs. I don't spend any money with your competition in the Prudential. The service is terrible and for the most part the people are apathetic and indifferent. I'm in the service industry and understand just how important it is to take care of customers. When It comes down to It service is the one true advantage that you have over the competition. Keep up the good work and tell James that I will see him soon.


Boston, MA

To whomever it may concern:

This past weekend I was in the Pittsburgh Airport and I just wanted to tell you what a "good customer service" experience I had in Airport Wireless™/Palm.  I was walking by when I saw the Senheiser logo in the window and I had remembered reading about their noise canceling headphones on the internet so I decided to see what was in the store.  I couldn't believe the amount of choices the store had for reducing the annoying plane noise.  Your employee Mike came to help me and he let me try out a bunch of different pairs.  He was very informative by pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the pairs I tried on.  After hearing some of the differences between the Senheiser and the Shure headphones (Mike recommended these), I eventually went with the Shure's since they were quite a bit smaller and I travel quite frequently.



Just wanted to pass on a good experience I had with Ashlee Fetchin from the Pittsburgh store.  She was very knowledgeable and helped me with several issues regarding my Treo 700.  She was friendly, and most of all, took care of business quickly since I was on the run.


Jenkintown, PA


I was in Detroit yesterday for a connecting flight to London and visited your store at the DTW airport.  I met with a young gentleman named Tyreke (not sure I spelled his name correctly) who was so helpful and courteous that I fell obliged to write.

That was the first time I wandered into one of your stores and I am sure it won’t be the last.


London, England


While changing planes in Newark International airport earlier this month, my colleague & I stopped into the Airport Wireless shop & were waited on by Ashley.  She did an outstanding job servicing our needs.  She helped us sort through some older cell phones & tested out adaptors & chargers.  She was patient, cheerful, knowledgeable, and handled herself in a very professional manner.  We travel frequently & come into contact with many service people and have high standards for quality service.  Please pass along our appreciation of Ashley's service.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information.


Greenfield, MA


I just wanted to let you know about an outstanding employee. He is John Kim at your Detroit location. I want you to know that he went above and beyond helping me solve my problem. He didn't have to take the time...but in my eyes, he is the BEST.  I think he should get an employee of the month award.  John Kim if you read this ...I thank you very much ......You ARE the best.

Vancouver, Washington


I want to thank you for excellent service the other day at your DTW store. I ran in at the last minute before a flight and barked at the two young men in the store to get me a bluetooth headset that would work with my blackberry. They picked out one and sold it to me in just a couple of minutes - one rang up the sale the other put the damn thing together and got it working for  me so that by the time I was stepping onto my flight it was working great. It is now a week or so later and I love the Plantronics 645 that they picked out for me. They did a fabulous job of meeting my needs - Mustapha's name is on my receipt, but the other young man did just a great job putting in the battery etc for me - they even disposed of the box and pointed me to my gate. I will do business there again.

Call anytime.

B.F. – (000) 000-0000
Burlington, Iowa

NOTE: The other employee was Jordan Odoor

Mr. Goldschmidt,
Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of meeting one of your employees, Rudolph.  I wanted to purchase a Bluetooth headset and I talked earlier with Rudolph by phone.  He was very helpful, knowledgeable and suggested a Plantronics headset for my new Treo 700p phone from Verizon.  I was traveling from the Lady Lake area to come to your store to purchase the headset.  It looked like I would arrive at your store around 8:55 pm.  I telephoned Rudolph and he said he would wait for me.  He gave me directions but I parked in the B garage instead of the A garage.  I phoned Rudolph to tell him I was at the airport but couldn't find the store.  This is my first time at the Airport.  Rudolph went out of his way to come and find me and personally escort me to the store.  He had already charged the headset that I was considering and instructed me on its use.  After the purchase I asked him other questions concerning an additional battery and charger.  He gave very knowledgeable information and patiently answered all my concerns.  It was close to 10:00 pm when I left the store and although the store closes at 9:00 pm, Rudolph never tried to close the deal quickly or rush me so he could go home.  I am writing this note just in case you didn't know you have a great employee who is concerned with customer service which in this fast track life we live in it is very difficult to find.  Thank you Mr. Goldschmidt for having a great customer oriented employee and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Rudolph for your service.  By the way, I really like the Bluetooth headset it works great.
Lady Lake, FL


Recently, I had the best customer service experience I have had in several years.  I ordered via mail a Lifedrive device from the Palm Store at Detroit Metro Airport.  I ordered it on December 19th to give to my daughter as a Christmas present. Noel Boyd, the store manager, was extremely helpful and made sure that I received the device in time for Christmas.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, maintaining communications with me and the courier service until he had confirmed I had received the device.  LifeDrive device $399 - Courier Service $13.95 - Great customer service Priceless!

Southfield, MI

Orlando Store:

Congratulations on your “customer focus!”    Keep up the good work!

Boston, MA

Good morning, Andres,

My name is P.G. and I’m SVP of Marketing and Biz Dev for ******** Communications.  We produce industrial theater and conferences around the world.

I tell you that only to add perspective to the comments I want to make.  

I travel frequently, often twice a week and I'm based in Orlando, Florida.

I had occasion a few months back to check out your store – located in the shopping area of the Orlando Airport.  I bought a Plantronics headset because the young man told me it would work on multiple devices – a feature I was not aware existed.  I use SKYPE and two phones – and switching back and forth is a pain.  I wish I could remember his name... He was quite helpful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.  

I was flying again this week and stopped back in as I LOST the Bluetooth device I purchased a few months back... And I didn’t want to travel without it.  Two people were working that day, Sherly and Jared, according to their nametags.  

They were both quite helpful and enthusiastic as well.  In fact, I had a challenge with the headset, so I called in yesterday as I am flying again today.  They told me to just stop by and they’d take care of it…they did.

It was such a smooth, exceptionally pleasant experience that I decided to go ahead and buy this cool video device that will allow me to watch video from my iPod.  Sherly tried to get me to buy it on Wednesday, but I didn’t.  When I came back today, I was so pleased with the help I received, I went for it.  

I deal with many companies all over the world... And I’m exposed to internal processes, training, strategy, philosophy, etc., etc.  

Whatever you’re doing – works.  

You have an exceptionally clean store, fun to shop, and to date – without exception – fantastic staff.

In fact…as I was wrapping up the transaction, Jared asked if I had some time before my flight, which I do.  He offered to charge my Bluetooth and my new video unit.  Wow!  Simple act, for sure, but he and Sherly both seemed to take a genuine interest in helping me make the most of my purchases.

So there you have it.  I’m not sure if it’s your recruiting and hiring, your training, your company environment, or a combination of things... But it’s working.

Thank you for such a consistently great experience.  


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
******** Communications
Los Angeles  |   Orlando   |  San Francisco
SKYPE: ********


I'm writing to sincerely applaud and appreciate the professional manner, the friendly service and the caring attitude of your sales representatives at "Airport Wireless/ JFK".

Due to inclement weather and many flight cancellations, I was stranded in the airport along with my wife and our 4 month old infant for over 26 hours. We were tired, hungry and frustrated. Having our luggage been sent already to LAX by American Airlines, all we needed to get totally irritated was for both of our Treo cell phones going dead with our chargers shipped to Los Angeles. As I inquired about a solution to rectify the problem while not spending an exorbitant amount, the sales people showed sympathetic understanding and guided me on the best options available. They were very courteous and respectful, while impressively knowledgeable. I was truly comforted! This store had been the BEST of its kind I have ever seen and I believe, beside the great product variety, it's THE personnel's personality and character which attracted so many travelers. I witnessed with my own eyes within the course of an hour how many items were purchased enthusiastically without any salesmanship pressure but just utmost friendly service.

You may use my name and information in appreciating these wonderful individuals. I truly recommend showing them how great they are. These were the ones I encountered on that day: Shawn, Alix, Kirsys and Yves.

Please let them know how impressed I've been and tell them a BIG thank you on my behalf.

Should you wish, I could send you this correspondence on my legal letterhead.

Please don't hesitate to call me.

Yours truly,

Rabbi S.B.A.
Executive Director

******** Institution

Los Angeles, CA


Yesterday, during a layover in Detroit, I purchased a Plantronics Bluetooth headset from your store.  The sales assistant, Tyreke, was terrific.  He was knowledgeable, courteous patient, and very helpful in making a decision and purchase.  He helped set up the device and offered useful advice on everyday use.

Please make this compliment a permanent part of his file, and give him a big pat on the back for me.

Washington, DC

Dear Sir;

This letter is to commend the outstanding customer service, knowledge and professionalism of your excellent customer service employee Jared Rodriguez.

Please commend his file and "Thank" him for an outstanding job. With his commitment your company will do better. Your entire staff was willing and professional to help all customers...
Very impressive.


Dear Manager,

I have had the good fortune to have been served by Mr. Chris Miller while traveling through Newark International. Mr. Miller went out of his way, meeting me with my purchase at the International Terminal where my flight arrived. I work for a world class company and I know world class effort when I see it. This man has it, and he has my Thanks.


Tulsa, OK

To whom it may concern:

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the time and help I got from Tyreke at your Detroit store. I had a lot of questions and wanted to try various Bluetooth devices with my smartphone to see which one I liked best. Tyreke was very patient and friendly. He gave me some very good advice and I am very happy with my Plantronics 645!


Detroit, MI


Yesterday I was in the Airport Wireless store at BWI airport.  I went into the store about 2 PM and spoke to one of your employees (male) about how my Verizon phone 'patch' for DST did not work.  He offered to help me out with my Motorola Q.  And that he did.  Within 7 or so minutes, he fixed my time challenge and then spent a few more minutes talking to me about changing my home screen, etc.  So often employees don't give this type of help - I need to thank people when I can.

Cleveland, OH